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Oro del Darro Suites in Granada is placed in the low Albaicín, in front of the majestic Alhambra, just a few minutes walk to the city centre… an excellent and strategic location.

These suites are in a unique building, recently renovated from the XVIII century, keeping its classic spirit with an avant-garde touch.

All of these suites have been thought of every detail. The wood, charming, combined with warm tones, ochre and gold, with a very smart black, all in all making up an exclusive furniture for this place, as classic as innovative, in some wide spaces, with the presence of large windows to enjoy the environment and what it offers. Everything is ready so you can find extraordinary experiences which go beyond the accommodation itself.

If travelling, meeting new destinations, cultures, people and cities are part of your lifestyle, Granada is your best option to enjoy some unforgettable days. If apart from that, your are looking for the best in architecture, design, space, comfort and an exclusive place, but really exclusive, Oro del Darro suites is your perfect option.